Of PM Tsvangirai And The Woman Who Won’t Leave

Prime Minister Morgan Tsvangirai unceremoniously dumped his customary wife the other day and we didn’t really get it. It was like, what are you doing, dude?

Now it seem as if the lady is not leaving that easily. She is still at his rural home in Buhera and not performing her ‘wife’ duties with his mom. The whole thing is a mess, and a lot of men can relate. That woman who you dump and she just won’t leave.

Let’s face it, he is in a bit of a bother. Locadiah Karimatsenga is pregnant with his kids. That is a reality that he cannot wish away. There is a fall-out here and he has to take it a bit more seriously. You can ask every man who has been in his situation. Some of them have ended up marrying the woman who won’t leave because even if she is ends up leaving, it is messy. She will leave with something or leave you with very little reputation.

You can see that our Prime Minister has been out of circulation for a while but you think with the errr… experience he has been reportedly getting over the past couple of years since the sad passing of his lovely wife, he would have jacked up and become more aware of the dating game.

I mean, dude, she is 39, and well, she doesn’t have that many options. Alleged security agents issues aside, the girl isn’t just going to leave because you told her it was over. Every man can tell you at least one story of a woman who uttered these words, ‘It’s over when I say it’s over. Handirambwe ini.’ (loosely translated – nobody dumps me!)

So for our playboy Prime Minister, he has to handle this and handle it fast. As long as it is open-ended it is a problem. To be honest I really don’t know what he is going to do here.

To come to think of it, in his statement he could have simply said that he was going through some stuff and he was sorting things out. This full-disclosure business is overrated. Tell the people something and just enough to get by.

After all, that’s politics right?