PM Tsvangirai Flip-Flops Again

Last month Prime Minister Morgan Tsvangirai was widely reported across the board as having said this at a prayer meeting:

President Mugabe is chosen by God, he is God-given and all leaders are chosen by God, so it is important for all Zimbabweans to pray for their leaders.

Now if you are christian there is nothing wrong with that statement. After all the Bible says stuff that effect and he was at a prayer meeting so the context is acceptable.

On Saturday at a prayer meeting at Mucheke Stadium in Masvingo Tsvangirai who is in an uncomfortable power-sharing government with his  President Mugabe  did something that has become his trademark. He claimed he hadn’t said anything to that effect.

Even the anti-ZANU-PF Standard called him out on that. I mean, PM, is it so hard to just live or die by your word. This flip flopping is not a good look.