PM Tsvangirai Allowing Things To Get Messier Than They Should Be

So Prime Minister Tsvangirai has now had his fine taken over by Bindura Magistrate’s Court after he ignored it.

As you all will know, he was fined two cattle, two sheep, 10 metres of white cloth and a ball of snuff to appease the spirits over his now botched marriage to Locadiah Karimatsenga/Tembo by Chief Negomo.

The PM said he did not recognise the court which is really official speak for ‘I can tell you where to put your court’. Of course expecting the story to just go away was a bit ambitious on the part of PM Tsvangirai.

The fact that the public circus continues means that he is in the news cycle for the wrong reasons. Whether he retained a level of deniability or not, he is in there. He has to sort that out and fast. Paying the fine will do absolutely no harm.

Pay it and shut up would be my advice. Getting messengers of the court involved in some of these things is just bad for business. It is a bad idea in the middle of another bad idea.

He might feel has done absolutely nothing wrong but this story is like an unpaid bill. Until you decide to fix it, it won’t get fixed. It will get recycled, reinvented, rehashed, patented, remixed and then reviewed to be re-released.

PR isn’t that hard.