Of PM Tsvangirai And That $36,000 Lobola

So the Prime Minister has gotten himself a new wife according to reports in the main dailies in the Zimbabwe. PM Tsvangirai has recently paid $36,000 for Harare businesswoman Locadiah Tembo (or Karimatsenga depending on which rag you are reading)  who is 20 years his junior. Mind you, 20 years younger at that age is immaterial.

Of course, the PM’s PR person has come out and denied it but there seems to be evidence suggesting that this has happened. And we say, good for him. A man of that age and such a position should not have to be alone. It was sad when his first wife, Susan died, but I am sure she would have wanted him to move on.

What is eye-popping is the amount paid for lobola/roora/brideprice. $36,000  is a lot of money and for a woman who was married once before and has a child. In fact it is a lot of money for any woman, to be fair.

It is obvious that they looked at the status of the good PM and the decided on a price. They will say they could have gone higher. Defence forces chief, General Constantine Chiwenga reportedly paid $47,000 paid for Mary Mubaiwa’s hand last month.

I guess it boils down to the fact that there isn’t really a formula for this transaction.  Essentially, it just depends on the receiver’s propensity for spending. I am sure as the relationship was coming together the PM’s new in-laws were singing  ‘tapinda tapinda’.

In the long run however, it does set a worrying precedent for what people think should be charged. It certainly brings the issue front and centre with potential in-laws charging arbitrary figures to keep up with trends.

To show how ridiculous it all is, someone asked me what the going price was for women. I didn’t realise they were for sale.

  • Anonymous

    should there really be a formular. do you think our traditional chiefs should be keeping an eye on this. you know, act as consultants or even as moderators, if not as regulators. because frankly, its not right that one is charged so high just because one can afford it. I say a standard should be set within each chief’s area or jurisdiction and given powers to regulate and levy penalties for non compliance. nyangwe vanoroorerana kumataundi vanotofana kupiwa licence naISHE wekweMudzimai.
    ha, ha! talk about utopia.

    • So what you then say is that we should have regional prices. So when you are dating a girl, the first thing you would ask which region she comes from so you can decide whether you want to pay that much?

      • Anonymous

        this is a difficult one shuwa