Pistorious Dropped By Sponsors; Could Lose Paralympic Gold Medals

The world seems to be crumbling around Oscar Pistorious at the moment as sponsors are said to be dropping him and questions about doping are coming to light.

Initially, sponsors had adopted a wait-and-see attitude but with chilling details about the events leading up to the shooting coming to life it would seem as if they are getting cold feet. Initially M-Net had dropped him for the Oscars promotion. Now Oakley and Nike have joined the departures with the latter saying it had not ‘future plans’ to include him in its advertising.

Pistorious was also supposed to appear in a series of It Gets Better ads but his video will no longer be used as part of the campaign. A*Men, a men’s scent which Pistorious fronts has removed his image from its website.

Meanwhile, South African police claim to have found two boxes of testosterone and a number of needles in his bedroom after searching the Paralympian’s house in the wake of the fatal shooting of his girlfriend, Reeva Steenkamp, last week. Pistorious’s defence team rejected the allegation, suggesting it was a legal herbal remedy, testo compositum co-enzyme. If found to be his, then he risks losing all 6 of his gold medals.

It never rains but pours for Oscar whose defence is giving it fair go as it tries to get him out on bail.

It is sensational and this is not even the main trial.

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