Pistorious Bail Application Hearing: The Arguments So Far

Proceedings are under way at a Pretoria Magistrate’s Court in the Bail application hearing for Oscar Pistorious in the death of his model girlfriend Reeva Steenkamp.

So far the state has pinned its case on the fact that Steenkamp had locked herself in the bathroom. Pistorious had put his prosthesis on, walked to the bathroom door and shot into it. He then broke the door down. This they say showed it was premeditated. Prosecution also said the claim that Steenkamp was an intruder was part of a plan. The theory of it being a burglar held little water because an intruder would not lock themselves in a little bathroom. The state said at this point, Pistorious had not furnished it with his version of events.

The defence countered that argument by saying the state could not prove that Pistorious put on his prosthesis before he went to shoot. The defence also said that they would prove that there were many other cases in which people shot family members through toilet doors. The defence argues that the word premeditated was wrong, saying this was not a case of murder. They said that it was hard to prove planning.

The defence wants the crime to put into category five and not six which is the more serious one. If the charge is classified as premeditated then he will not be eligible for bail.

The hearing continues.

  • nelle

    He mst go to jail finish if she ddnt mean to kill y dd he shot fire 4 X no man shld stop abusing women….thi s man mst go to jail……finish