Pictures Of Tsvangirai And His South African Woman

Here are pictures of Morgan Tsvangirai and the South African woman, Nosipho Shilumane who accuses him of breaking a promise to marry

Morgan Tsvangirai with Nosipho on a cruise


Photo of Nosipho and Tsvangirai on a boat cruise

As it stands the Magistrate says that he will give a verdict on Friday morning and there is word that Norton woman who dates back to before his first wife, Susan died, is about to crawl out of the woodworks. Then there is a woman from Bualwayo, not Loretha Nyathi who has his child, who is also about to file papers.

The Prime Minister plans to get married to Elizabeth Macheka on Saturday but it is too close to call at the moment.

  • Rayavo

    Damn, this man is a giggalo

  • Fadzayi

    I would compare this type of behaviour to that of the dog sitting in my backyard right now, but my dog (as old as he is) has only mated with one dog (possibly 2 and didn’t have puppies) despite there being numerous female dogs at his disposal and would thus be an insult to my dog…

    • Zvamunoda Hondo

      so because he mated with more than one woman he is (similar to) a dog? You don’t like the PM much do you?

      • Fadzayi

        I actually like this man despite his obvious lack of social skills in terms of the way he handles his personal life and his treatment of women. If you are a Christian (we ALL are sinners and fall short of the glory of God). However, as judgemental as I am being, yes… I liken this BEHAVIOUR to that of an animal (possibly worse than a dog because a dog doesn’t make promises of faithfulness and love before it mates) and I don’t make apologies for feeling that way whether it’s me who does it or my father or brother. It is ANIMAL-LIKE behaviour.. And I don’t like sugar-coating either. Having what is most likely unprotected sex with so many women in this day, age and location is sickening whether you’re Temba anotengesa madomasi kumusika or Prime Minister of Zimbabwe and I wish Zimbabwean men would stop making excuses for this epidemic (a Christian might say demonic) behaviour. Almost implying men have a RIGHT to fornicate with as many women they want… turning our kings into nothing more than carnal, bestial animals with no self-control or remorse..

        • If it is his enemies, they are evil. But if it is him, then he makes mistakes. Come on now.

      • It is hard-knock life out there

    • ouch

  • Mazheyo

    You covered pakanzi New Zimbabwe? This is becoming a tabloid blog, is this the skulduggery of mankind?

  • xtract

    Take a closer look Photoshop yakashandiswa guys dont play with our minds like that i ave been designing for 15years and that’s photoshop

  • whatever

    Photoshop. These pictures have obviously been doctored.

  • Samson_haana_mhosva

    What exactly do these women want? To be (re)loved? I guess MT is the only man to have promised them marriage or loved them in their lives!

  • beenie

    this is political, its meant to drag tsvangirai’s name in the mud.

  • Came for real news

    Out of everything else happening in Zim this is the news we are posting? Idiots

  • netsai mboroyengwe

    Ndiye oga here anoita vakadzi vakawanda. How many wives did Chombo have?? Sei nyaya isina basa ichita basa kana yaitwa naMORGAN TSVANGIRAI, U ARE A THREAT BRO.

    • Difference is he allowed himself to get caught. Look at Biti. He was smarter