PICS: Mass Wedding At Makandiwa’s Church

So cop this. There was a mass wedding on Sunday at Emmanuel Makandiwa’s United Families International Church.

They posted pics and yeah, wow, damn.

All pics from the Prophet E Makandiwa LIVE in Service & UFIC Facebook page.

Emmanuel Makandiwa presideing at mass wedding in Harare

Emmanuel Makandiwa presideing at mass wedding in Harare

Mass wedding at UFIC

Mass wedding at UFIC

A view of part of the happy couples

couples at UFIC

couples at UFIC

So that’s that… ¬†it’s real in those streets.

No details on how many couples were there, but it looks like quite a bit. Now if they all kissed at the same time, does it make it a kiss orgy?

  • Munhu waMwari

    What a Mighty God we serve, this is lovely, awesome, fantabulous, waal, waal, waal, Jehovah vazviita zvakare. Record mass wedding in church history.

  • Persona Non Grata

    3mob, that last bit on your article was uncalled for.

    • What was wrong with it exactly?

      • Stranger

        Its sad to note that you do NOT see anything wrong with it.

        • #IdontGetIt

          But seriously, whats wrong with it? Is it his use of the word ‘orgy’? I would have thought his qualifying with ‘kiss’ was enough to tone down the usual connotations, or was it something else?