Of Peter Roebuck and Those Zimbabwean Boys

Peter Roebuck, to his friends was a great guy and a philanthropist. He was a cricketer and an analyst of the game loved by about 15 countries.

To others he was an animal, a molester, someone who groomed young men into becoming his sexual victims.

I am not one to make a habit of speaking ill about the dead no matter how deviant their lifestyle was. In fact, I tend towards not speaking about them at all. Their time has come and gone and that is about it.

At the same time it is hard not to feel a little conflicted about Roebuck because of the way he was viewed by those who knew him. If you were a victim, obviously you will feel no sorrow over his death – unless you had a case of Stockholm Syndrome. If you simply had yourself educated through his generosity you will be shocked and unable to come to terms with the whole thing. They will reconcile it the same way most people do when seeking closure: ‘Nobody’s Perfect’.

So while noone can take away his humanitarian endeavours, what defined him, and will be the summary of his existence is this. He was a molester and and fiend. It is possible that the fact that he chose to do good was something he turned to soothe his conscience. But no amount good behaviour can justify habitual criminal behaviour.