Pastor Chris’s Wife Files For Divorce

It turns out not all is well in the Pastor Chris Oyakhilome household after his wife Anita filed for divorce.

Remember a few months ago, members of Christ Embassy had expressed concern over the fact that the two were not being seen together and Pastor Chris and his people came out saying that nothing was out of the ordinary.

Well. Bombshell time. According to The Citizen, Anita wants out over ‘adultery and unreasonable behaviour’. She has filed a papers with the Suit No FD14D01650, was filed on April 9, 2014 at Divorce Section A, Central Family Court, First Avenue House, High Holborn, London, UK.

Chris obviously denies this and says ‘bad friends’ are influencing his wife. Chris has long been suspected in some sections to be up to no good but there has since been no concrete evidence of such inappropriation.

No reconciliation in sight, it would seem. So erm.. yeah it seems it is done.

  • Plato

    Ndopaunonzwa mafollowers achiti Papa is under attack from rivals.

  • Persona Non Grata

    Its the devil!

    • How so?

      • Persona Non Grata

        The man is making impact for the advancement of the Kingdom of God. In order to stop that advancement, the devil wants to bring the ministry down and to do that the best weapon to use is a woman. Look at Adam and Eve.