Parts of Harare Still Without Power. ZESA Won’t Take Calls

The ‘system disturbance’ still seems to be an issue in most of Harare as many residents still have no power. This was after the outage yesterday which left a huge section of the city in the dark.

Not surprisingly ZESA has said pretty much nothing on the whole matter. Noone is picking calls and it seems as if noone is keen to tell us what exactly is going on.

Of course some sections have had power restored while some had electricity for a a few hours before another outage but the fact that ZESA’s PR department is not saying anything is a bit disturbing.

Given that we have no choice but to deal with them, I guess they figure there is not much we can do about it.

Terribly annoyed and a the kids say ‘the heck’.

If you have any information from ZESA please put it in our comments section.

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