Of The Woman Who Allegedly Stabbed Her Husband In Fit of Rage; Crime Of Passion Unpacked

A Chitungwiza woman reportedly stabbed her husband to death after she saw messages in his phone which suggested he was cheating on her.

Crime of passion
aftab. / Foter / CC BY-NC

Pictures of the horror scene were published all over social media with one gory one of the man lying on the ground lifeless with blood all over the room.

Crime of passion or crime passionel is deeply personal. It is the sort of thing a person could never see themselves doing but in a fit of rage and even temporary madness.

While crime it still is, the exaggerated response must be treated in the context of provocation. It is fundamental that it is seen as so.

The scary thing is that we are all capable of crimes of passion. We may all susceptible. Different buttons push us over the edge and most importantly state of mind when an event causes us to go off plays a huge part. there are things we do in which we resort to extreme measures to come a to a resolution. Much the same way there are things can compromise on, there are things we can’t. Sure, because of character there are people who are more likely to do the craziest thing but that’s just it, It’s just ends of a spectrum.

This stands as no justification for the actions of those who do.. Right now there are three children with no father to speak of and a mother who is going to get locked away. And it is reported that they were in the house when the horror took place.

She probably regrets it. She probably has no idea why she did it.

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