Occupy Wall Street: The Revolution Will Not Be Televised

So Occupy Wall Street is gaining ground across the United States of America and is evolving as it gathers pace. Many people will have opinions on what is happening and why it is happening but there will be very little said about what it is all about; at least by mainstream media.

Accusations have been made by many that there is no central message being communicated by the protesters.

What is lost on many people, the mainstream media in particular is that the protests are not about specific demands, because the wants of the protesters differ. The reason why they are out there is because they have no faith in the system in place’s ability to deal with the different issues they have. They do not want the system to stay in place. They want a restructuring of power, wealth and government so that it responds to them more.

They have elected different governments and members of congress and this has not changed. They are simply fed up with the system and do not believe it can do anything about their individual grievances.

This of course is lost on mainstream media which seeks to put them in a proverbial box. Until they stop doing that, the revolution will remain, un-televised.