Obama Wins U.S Presidential Eelection

Barack Hussein Obama won a second term in the White House Tuesday night, and effectively dashed the hopes of Republican nominee Mitt Romney.

Obama defeated Romney in a series of key swing states, a feat which some critics thought was a hillclimb considering the weak economy and everything else that is going wrong in the USA.

Obama shined in two key demographics,Hispanics or Latinos gave Obama a 39-point margin lead. He also beat Romney by 10 points among women (Romney beat Obama by 8 percent among men).

We are sure that for a momment Mitt Romney thought he might just win the election, but like all things in America the action was saved for last. The Romney camp waited more than an hour to agree on the results in Ohio, at first saying they did not acknowledge the win Obama claimed.

In his victory speech the Obama sounded upbeat about the challenges that lie ahead during his second term and boldly claimed “The best is yet to come”

Whether Obama has any any real solution to the problems bedeviling the country he leads is a debate for another day, what is certain from the the results of this election that not many men in America like Obama.