Obama to run in 2012. Let’s all act surprised

United States President Barack Obama has decided to run for a secont term as leader of that country.

Anyone surprised? Really? Noone? Oh come on. You in the corner there. No? You just scratching your nose. Ok then.

He is not as popular as he was 2 years ago when he talked about change a lot before he turned to be just like every other president before him. Not that we should blame him really. Not like he has that much power does he.

So as it stands he will lodge papers to run for president against Plain or someone from the Republican party who will come in and do what he/she can to change the few things that he/she can while going with the status quo on most things.

Not such a pretty thing being president after all is it. Second term coming and troops are still in Afghanistan and Iraq and Guantanamo is still open for business. Oh did I mention the world still doesn’t fancy the US?

But surely he should win this one. Shouldn’t he?

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