The NTC Sold 35% of Libya to France for Support

We have been saying for the longest that the National Transitional Council is merely a face to the growing French empire in Africa. Of course we have been called names for saying this but a recent document has proven otherwise.

French daily Liberation  ran an article that spoke of a document signed by the French and the NTC 17 days after the former gained the dodgy UN Resolution 1973.  It speaks of “the oil accord agreed upon with France in exchange for the recognition of our Council”, which “attributes 35% of (Libya’s) total crude oil (business) to the French in exchange for its total and permanent support of our Council”.

After all the rubbish that they sold to many about how they were protecting citizens, the real deal was about business. A deal had already been done and because of the window-dressing there was no way that the liberals were going to even think otherwise. For the hob-knobs it was about liberty, democracy and the usual bile. Yet for the actors, it was about money.

A war will be fought one day in the future by Libyans, to regain control of their assets and destiny. It will be a war if liberation. And we sat and watched whilst it happened.

Colonialism is officially back and we let it happen.