North Korea Women’s Football Coach: My Players Were Struck By Lightning

You have heard the whole dog ate my homework story. Police officers will tell you of some of the most ridiculous excuses for traffic offences.

Now for the most original excuse for losing a match the prize goes to Kim Kwang Min, the coach of the North Korean women’s football team at the Women’s World Cup after they lost their opening match to the United States 2-0.

Our players were hit by lightning during a training match. More than five were hospitalised. The match was on 8 June.

The goalkeeper and the four defenders were most affected (by the lightning).

The physicians said the players were not capable of participating in the tournament. … The fact that they played could be called abnormal, the result of very strong will.

You have to give the guy credit for that. I mean, to face the world media and have to say that, even if it is true is pretty ballsy.

You have to, if you live in Kim Jong Il’s country don’t you?