Nigeria Plane Crash: 153 Dead, Fears of Ground Deaths

What is already the worst air disaster in two years might be about to get worse. With all 153 on board having been reported dead there are fears that since the crash happened in a residential area, there could be many more dead.

Throughout the night, rescue workers sifted through the rubble hoping to find survivors. The Boeing MD-83 of Dana Air crashed into businesses and crowded apartment buildings nearLagos’s Murtala Muhammed International Airport on Sunday. By Monday the cause of the crash was still unclear.

Rescue workers were looking for the black box.

For three hours following the crash, work on putting out the fire was hampered by the fact that there was no water. Young men carried water in buckets but for inferno of that size, that was insufficient. With very few fire trucks available this was not helpful either. Also, when they did get help from construction sites close by, the narrow roads  made it impossible to get through.

Nigeria is beset by corruption and mismanagement which has hindered the progress of its utility companies. While the country says it has a nationwide radar system it has erratic power supplies which makes the whole thing a white elephant.

Investigations revealed too that the plane was formerly an Alaskan Airlines plane, built in 1990, which a few weeks ago narrowly missed a crash in Uyo, Akwa-Ibom when it’s landing gear had problems.

Our thoughts are with the people  of Nigeria at this dark hour.

Sources: Osun Defender, Indy Star

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