National Alcohol Policy: Caution Advised

A National Alcohol Policy is about to be effected that will mean that the regulation of the sale of the imbibing stuff will be tighter.

National Health Advisor and former Health Minister Dr Timothy Stamps is seeking to have alcohol sold only between 6am and 7pm from Monday to Saturday and before midday on Sunday. Also there will be a closer a look at who the alcohol is being sold to and the lot.

Now, I am of the opinion that we consume way too much alcohol at the moment. Of course that will not make me any friends at Delta or AFDIS but the level at which people are consuming the befuddling liquid is a reason for worry. Just pay a visit to places like Londoners, Mereki, Tipperary’s, Mai Faffy – I think you get the picture –  and you will see what I am talking about. So there is argument for some sort of control.

However one has to be careful about how radical this change would be. Yes, the laws are already in place but if they seem radical from current practice then they will seem as an unreasonable clampdown on what is for many people one of the few forms of entertainment.

The reaction to this would be hoarding, and the purchase of alcohol after 7pm could be driven underground. This will be reminiscent of the prohibition in the United States. Of course you might say that one could just go to places that have licenses that have permission to sell after the prescribed time but with some of the regulations looking to these other places people will create options.

With options of course there could be room for cartels. Cartels could mean crime. And crime… well noone likes crime except the criminals.

Do I think that it is a bad idea? Absolutely not. I just think some of the proposals should take  into consideration the way society has evolved since the laws in question were in place. Beyond that, these should place more emphasis on the self-regulation of people rather than the policing of them.

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