Mutare Kombi Driver Causes Death; Sentenced To Two Months In Jail

A 37-year-old Mutare kombi driver, who caused the death of one passenger and left 13 others injured due to reckless driving, has been convicted of culpable homicide and sentenced to two months imprisonment.

Mutare magistrate Sharron Chipanga also prohibited Chamunorwa Makonya (37), who held a class two driver’s licence, from driving for the next 12 months and gave him an option to pay $200 fine, failure which he would serve 24 months in jail.

Makonya also lost his right hand in the accident which the State said was due to speeding.

For me, this is ridiculous, not least because a 5 year-old toddler was killed. Two months for a life taken for someone found guilty of culpable homicide is a joke.

It does nothing to deter anyone who drives recklessly.

Sad thing is that if had a better lawyer, he would have gotten away with community service.

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