Munya film ban: Producers at fault

So Munya Chidzonga’s film, Lobola has been banned from local distribution due to a scene in which Munya’s character smooches the leading lady.

Also cited in the Censorship Board Review is that there are a lot of things that happen that are contrary to African values.

Now whether you agree with the decision or the basis for it is one matter. The fact that you went and produced the film without reading the rules is a bit silly.

It’s just like Bollywood, where the characters never kiss. Yeah you have never noticed that have you? Thought so. So when the Bollywood blokes put the movie together they know the rules and they don’t mess about. No kissing. That is the rule.

So not gonna feel sorry for the producers really. Read the censorship documents. In fact you can even download the document from the Parliament of Zimbabwe website.

I am just saying. Read act and especially the section on Prohibition of unapproved films.

That is all!

  • RueJay

    Laughing out loud ! maybe they can’t read !