Munya Chidzonga Marries Adiona

Lobola and The Gentleman star Munya Chidzonga has made a sensational return to the mother of his child and love of his life Adiona Maboreke by paying lobola.

The  NAMA award-winning actor is reported in The Sunday Mail as having paid lobola for Adiona last week.

Munya ,who last year was involved in a bad break-up with Adiona including statements to the effect that he did not love her said this was not a publicity stunt.

I am ashamed of the things that I said and the way that I acted, but I am glad that Adiona agreed to take me back and now we are back together, a happy young family again.

Munya and Adiona have a son, Pfumai who is 19 months old. There are plans to have two more kids, but not just yet.

We wish the diamond boy and his empress all the luck in the world.