Munjodzi Fined In Katsande Abuse Case

Zimbabwean radio personality Tino Katsande revealed the conclusion of the gender-based violence case against her former lover Brian Munjodzi.

Munjodzi was on 20 December 2012 was sentenced to $200 or 3 months in jail. He of course paid the fine.

Katsande in a Facebook update yesterday thanked the people who supported her and urged women who were victims to speak out and seek help. On how she felt about the sentence, she said that she was not the law.

The law took its course. I did not set out to pass judgment on him, I reached out for help and took the course I deemed necessary to receive that help. A wrong was done and I did not want it happening again.

She not only thanked those who supported her but those who made ‘ignorant , unsubstantiated, and hurtful remarks and comments as [her] opened my horizons to the ugly and deviant of culture and society’.

We think that Katsande has been exceptional in the way she has handled this situation. There were many people who would have backed down and decided not to proceed with the case especially in such a high-profile position. She carried on and should be applauded for her steadfastness.

We wish her all the best as she continues to put her life together after that ordeal.

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