Mujuru Death Speculation: An Age-Old African Habit

There have been thousands of theories that have found their way onto the streets of Harare, Bulawayo, Hwange all the way to the plains of Gutu, Mhondoro and even in the dark corners of the Interwebs surrounding the death of Retired General Solomon Mujuru

This is natural because he was a public figure, a powerful one at that. To say there is a lot of mystery surrounding is death is an understatement. NewsDay did a very good piece on this and there are a lot of questions to be answered. I am sure that some will be answered and not everyone will be satisfied by them. Even if it was someone who wasn’t famous there would be loads of questions to be asked.

That said, one has to be careful when peddling some of these. The nature of communication nowadays is such that information spreads quickly and is then postured as gospel truth. Yes, there have been murmurs before of alleged assassinations of public figures before, but I am not sure that it is helpful for theories manufactured over warm ale at a watering hole to then be presented as having authority. I know people who have never been anywhere near the epicentre of this man’s life who are suddenly claiming to be so informed, they could have been in the fire themselves!

Do I think that there is a lot of mystery? Absolutely. Is there reason for suspicion? Perhaps there is. However, I do not believe that now is the opportune time to waste hours making up stories based on persuasion. There will be plenty of time for interrogation.

It is a habit in our culture to find blame for any death. I know of an instance where an 105-old man died and elements of his family still wanted to believe that he was subject to a fatal hex brought on him by a 21 year old in the household.

While the example may seem extreme, the principle is consistent. In all deaths we must quiz to find closure. But for now, let us mourn.