Mugabe throws cat among the pigeons and waits

Zimbabwe President Robert Mugabe doesnt shy away from controversy. Some times you wonder if he is taking the mickey out of some poor sad when he throws a salvo.

And in typical tit for tat politics he said that all 400 British businesses would be nationalised if sanctions were not removed. This was done at the rally that is called the National Congress a few days ago.

Of course people know Mugabe to be a man who never makes idle threats but he has a fair yet ugly point. Zimbabwean businesses are specified in the Europe and US and he is simply saying he will do the same.

Of course quite a few of them have been removed and a summary execution would be harsh but he has been pushed by the will survive into a corner.

And the longer the west keeps pushing the uglier the fight will get.

Perception in politics is bread and butter and it seems the rear view is about to dramatically change

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