Mugabe Tells Cops, ZIMRA, Chinese To Behave

Zimbabwe’s President Robert Mugabe read the riot act at the ongoing ZANU-pf Conference in Gweru.

Speaking to delegates in which he also threatened to call elections Mugabe said blasted the Zimbabwe Revenue Authority (ZIMR) and the Zimbabwe Republic Police(ZRP) on account of their corruption at the border posts.

He also did not leave ‘our friends’ the Chinese saying they have to follow the rules when they come into Zimbabwe. There has been a growing resentment towards the Chinese community by locals with many feeling that they are the country’s new colonisers. There have been reports of abusive treatment of workers and business practices that are not inclusive with Chinese companies creating employment for their people and not locals. There is also a feeling that they get special treatment when they do business in Zimbabwe.

Finance Minister Tendai Biti speaking in Manchester earlier today also spoke of how Chinese diamond mining company Anjin was doing business was a manner that was hurtful to the environment. For example, they have apparently been cutting baobab trees all over the place in the area.

Mugabe also said any ministers that are corrupt will be kicked out of government. Someone should hand him the docket because most of cabinet will be without a job by tomorrow. We are sure the president is genuine but people in this country don’t normally get into trouble for corruption, do they?

It’s real out there.

  • Mr_popular

    Its true , people always get off scot free in Zimbabwe when it comes corruption and that sort, as for the chinese they are a mence in Africa and we would appreciate if they either change their approach or ship out promptly.

  • pragg

    mdara apa wakuma three vanhu ivava vanetsa muzimbo

  • pragg

    hanzi kana usina 20 buks siya skutta tumapurisa utwu

  • Mugabe wazotaurawo chokwadi. I never thought I would live to see that day. Anyway, what you did not say is that the most corrupt person in Zimbabwe is you and your inner circle. Vana Chombo, Chiyangwa, Mnangagwa, Kasukuwere, Obert Mpofu…The list goes on. Izvi zvekutaura corruption yemapurisa it’s just a diversion. These are the small fish. We are not that stupid. You are the problem. You and your prostitute Grace.

  • Rhetoric…

  • Chichi

    The Russians are the worst. They are always bribing politicians and are ever present at political functions so as to intimidate workers. They are looting our gold and diamond resources and underpaying workers. each year. Workers are given $10 bonus each yet they can spend $30000 each Russian on one week holiday to Mozambique.The directors have the guts to always tell workers that they did not come here to give local money but to have it in their pocket. Talk about Corporate Social Responsibilityand they boast about giving politicians and police diesel. These new colonisers are plundering our country. We as a NATION will live to regret after they leave. A Russian Driver or Operator takes away not less than $10000 per month yet local professional in managemnt positions are getting a paltry $450 per month. God is watching what is happening in this country come judgement day to the perpertrators of this corruption and plunder..