Is Monogamy Natural?

I do think that monogamy is possible. I just don’t think it’s the natural way of things. – Hugh Hefner (Playboy Founder)

A lot of people will dismiss the statement above because it comes from a man who is infamous for having multiple relationships at the same time. On the surface I would say the same thing.

Now if a geek in glasses and a white coat came to me and gave me the scientific low-down on why it is unnatural for one to be a monogamist, the first thing that would come to my head is… this dude must be sponsored by South African President Jacob Zuma.

But let’s think about it for a second. It is really hard to be monogamous. The natural inclination for all human beings is to be polygamous. The level of entropy out there is ridiculous and bar the moral campus, the most comfortable state of existence is polygamy.

Of course people will start screaming at me and claim I am supporting cheating but we couldn’t be further than the truth. Look, infidelity is stupid and should be thrown out with the dirty water. The kind of heartache it causes is not worth it and the loss of self-worth is a big price to pay.

However much playing the violin is not natural, being a polygamist isn’t either. If you like to hear good music and want to hear it off a violin, then you have to work really hard at it. Same goes for monogamy. If you want the benefits that come with it and most importantly peace of mind then you have to give it your best go.

Hugh Hefner is getting married soon and he intends to be faithful, monogamous and all. It’s going to be hard work but he has to give it go.

Says the Hef:

I can’t imagine meeting anyone I’d get on better with.

Life, with quality shouldn’t be lived any other way. But that’s just me…

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