Modelling Industry A Disaster In Zimbabwe

I am not a fan of pageants and have never been. It’s an art that exists in a parallel universe for me. Sure I like models and there is absolutely no reason why I would turn down the attentions of one when available. They are rather nice to look at if you are seen with something nice to look at, it is a feather in your cap. I am no saint. Don’t judge me.

For those that have a thing for the whole fanfare it is a bit of pity, the state that the industry is in. It’s a sad sad state. You have bogus agencies and the agencies that exist simply lack innovation. The latter use models that barely worked a few years ago while the former promise the world in order to get laid. Yes, there are blokes who hang about Joina City and Eastgate claiming to be agents and what not.

Not surprisingly the Modelling Industry Association of Zimbabwe (MIAZ) have been missing in action until now. They have suddenly popped out of nowhere and threatened bogus agencies. My first question is how many of those bogus people knew they existed. Add to that, instead of encouraging people to come and join their organisation they have gone militant.

Now, I am not a fan of organisations that presume to represent a group of people. For me, it is an excuse for a booze-up and people who love the sound of their voice to, well, listen to the sound of their voices. Generally, they never get anything done and very few can even be classified as lobby groups. That said going the religious route(they threaten with hell if you don’t conform) to make me join your little shindig is hardly the way to go.

Then they said something about advertising agencies downloading images instead of using local models. Let me get this straight. You charge me 50 dollars for your model for limited use. Then I pay a cameraman about 150 dollars for his services. Oh did I mention the makeup people and that us another 50 dollars. There are of course other hidden costs which we will put at another 50 dollars. Altogether about 300 dollars. For the finished image I pay about 30-50 dollars, for the same rights. It is a no-brainer.

Like many sectors in Zimbabwe there just isnt enough innovation to get by. And because of that they go the Adam route… Blame someone else.

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