Mliswa Quietly Acquitted

After all the noise that surrounded his arrest and getting charged –  numerous bail applications et al – controversial businessman Temba Mliswa was quietly acquitted of charges of stock theft. The charges rose up in 2007.

The Herald reports that, the magistrate decided that the state hadn’t really built much of a case against him and had rather slyly  and “unnecessarily converted a civil case into a criminal case”.

Of course this case happened a lifetime ago but the fact that it has pretty much off the important pages, it shows that when you are dragged through the mud, it is big news. When it is proven that it was an injustice then the story is either ignored or tucked in some corner for reference sake.

Of course the acquittal means one of two things. The state is not very good at these things or Mliswa has a very good lawyer.

You be the judge.