No Miracles In UK Tour But Makandiwa Donates GBP100,000

There were no miracle losses of weight, pregnancies or any of that sort when Emmanuel Makandiwa was in the United Kingdom this weekend but the controversial preacherman still left an indelible mark.

The UFIC founder donated GBP100,000 during the visit to Manchester, in which he preached in the more conventional way rather than the blockbuster miracle induced order.

The Zimbabwean religious leader also said that he was now of the habit of donating up to 60% of his personal earnings instead of the regular tithe to the congregation.

Makandiwa was there along with his spiritual father Ghanaian  Victor Boateng.

Of course he got back in time for his usual Sunday missions. We are still to hear whether he was up to anything there.

With information from NewZimbabwe

  • Mwana waPapa

    You are PATHETIC- 3 men on a boat. if u had watched the sunday service on ustream, u would not be lying about “NO MIRACLES” or you are just plain dumb-: The services were screened live and yet you report the opposite. you are delusional that is why you make up things in your own head and report them. People were healed of kidney failures, eye- sight problems, condition of a slipped disk, cancer etc and many received miracle money. Are these not miracles??? And he was still in Manchester for the sunday service, the last one, he was not in harare!! Kana usingagone basa rako regedza, noone is forcing you to be a reporter. Or maybe you are bored and have nothing better to do than to speak lies about a man of God.

    • Jay D

      To 3 men on a boat. Miracles did happen. I watched on ustream
      Now I know people are just lying and they just hate this Man (Prophet Makandiwa) Thank you 3 men on a boat for lying. I will be going to UFIC on Sunday. I was hesitating all this while. You did the Job man, THANKS

      • Well we have nothing against people who believe in what UFIC is pushing. You have a right to religion.

  • Norah

    Well you just got all emotional about Human Error there didn’t you…

  • jer33:3

    izvo ndo zvino nyorwa nevasina mari…. vane mari dont waste their time 3mob tipewo maserious…. build up you own rep not thru the name of some1….. makawona kuti the MAKANDIWA is hot cakes makuda kuita mbiri naro. plus the title 3 men on a boat is rather strange. i heard you on star fm once and to be honest you sound lyk a daij. ndimi ana modern day Sodom and Gomorra asi moda kusvibisa vakachena. anyway you do you and let Prophet Makandiwa do what God sent him to do