Of men who have sex with goats

The local government rag carries a story about a man who waylaid his neighbour’s goat and a bit of a thing with it. In essence he had sex with it.

So anyway he has been arrested and gone on to plead guilty for having sex with the said goat.

Then we got thinking, what says you cannot have sex with an animal. Before you throw up or send hate mail, just think about it. What says that if you can slit the animal’s throat you can’t stick your proverbials into it?

Is it about the goat’s rights? Or is it a human rights violation. Ok in this instance he took the neighbour’s goat so well, he stole the goat so there is a case there. But what if it was his own goat. I can see the animal lubbers seething now. Fun isnt it?

I find it disgusting. But I know people who find sex in general disgusting. So should we make that a legal issue too?

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