MDC-T Official Arrested Over Mujuru Death Claims

MDC-T Mashonaland Central chairperson, Godfrey Chimombe has been arrested and charged over the fact that he told supporters at a rally that Vice President Joice Mujuru was responsible for the death of her husband General Solomon Mujuru.

Bindura Central police station have him in custody and they have now said that Chimombe will assist them to investigate VP Mujuru over the death of her husband.

In what is now he-said-she-said, the police say they have evidence that Chimombe made the claims while the MDC-T say while the official was at the rally but did not address it, according to Byo24News.

It is either one of two things. Either Chimombe didn’t say such a thing and was heard wrong or he may have said it and didn’t think there would be much made of it. It is common in Zimbabwe for people to make all sorts of claims without evidence. Most of the time nothing happens but on this occasion, if he indeed did make those utterances, it probably wasn’t a good idea.

General Mujuru died last year in a fire on his farm. An inquest has left the nation with more questions than answers.

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