Two Mauled By Lions In Kariba

Lions had reportedly mauled two people to death in the resort town of Kariba by Tuesday night.

A man had apparently been having sex with his girlfriend identified as Sharai Mawera in a bushy area in the Mahombekombe suburb. The man escaped but his woman died on the scene.

When the man came back with officers from the Zimbabwe Parks and Wildlife Management Authority in search of the lions they found the arm of a man who is suspected to have been killed the night before.

It must be a scary tome to be in Kariba right now. One Kariba resident wrote on their Facebook wall, ‘Shumba dzatitambudza!!!‘ which loosely translated means, lions have us living in fear.

The hunt is on for the animals.

  • Lasha

    Just some constructive criticism. You guys need to proof read your articles before you post them. Spelling/grammatical errors are not a good look.