About That SABC Mandela Footage

So the first images in 9 months of South Africa’s first black president Nelson Mandela were released yesterday by the SABC.

Mandela stares into the distance during ANC visit

Mandela stares into the distance during ANC visit

The footage showed us what was really a photo-op for current president Jacob Zuma. While Zuma was lively, Mandela stared vacantly into the distance.

While Zuma insisted that the Madiba was fine, we are not convinced. Mandela’s skin is greyish looking and it did feel as if the old man was being inconvenienced. A closer look showed what appeared to be the print of an oxygen mask which may suggest that he was patched up for this.

Mandela doesn’t say much throughout the short film, probably two words at most.

It felt uncomfortable for the most part. It was disturbing. The man is tired. If there was ever any evidence that this was so, it was in that video. He just isn’t up to it anymore. The world treats him like an animal in a zoo. Let’s face it. He is 94 and 94 is old. Nature is nature. There are certain things that don’t function the way they are supposed to anymore. Your body starts giving in.

This us all true. But, to have something that undignified happen to him is just poor form.

As for that idiot who took the picture with the flash on…

Anyway, we do not suggest that he should be put down. No. But at some point we have to realise that perhaps, he just really doesn’t want to be bothered anymore.

Now, we prepare for the inevitable.

It’s painful. Reality often is.

Check out the video below.

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