Man Sexually Assaulted by Four Women at Gunpoint

The local government rag, The Herald is running a story on a man who was sexually assaulted by 4 women at gunpoint in Juru. Don’t ask me where that is because I have no idea.

It happened that the poor unfortunate bloke was happened upon by one of the women who claimed to be looking for directions to the police station. She pretended not to get it and so the gentleman offered to accompany her. Next thing, a while down the road, the bloke was, at gunpoint forced to swallow some pills and then assaulted until he passed semen into a container.

Said Police Inspecteor Bhebhe:

He was ordered to behave well and threatened with death. The women put a hood to cover his face and drove off using a gravel road to a certain house where the victim was locked up in a room.  When the hood was later removed, he was given two brown tablets as well as some food. The complainant was ordered to undress and the four ladies laid him on a bed. They started caressing him and forced him to masturbate. This happened 4 times in the same night.

Loads of these cases have been reported recently in the media. No arrests have been made. I sure would like to interview one of the women to find out what is going on.

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    Where is this world coming to nhai?