Man Claims To Have 95 Children

A 47 year-old Zambian man who had entered into Zimbabwe illegally claims to have 95 children –  75 of them in Zimbabwe and 20 in his home country- from his 14 wives, 7 of whom are from Zimbabwe, Newsday reports.

OK, if he had his first child when he was say, 21 then he has essentially been having 4 offspring produced every year. Given that he has 75 of those kids in Zimbabwe, that is about 11 children per wife. That is assuming that each wife has exactly the same number of children.

At the age of 47 we are inclined to think that this is an excessively embellished number. Probably one of those things, where he just came up with a random number in his head and blurted it.

But then again, just because we can’t see ourselves laying claim to 95 children it doesn’t mean he shouldn’t. Maybe he carries most of them around with him which would mean they are significantly more than the number claimed.