Mali President Toppled In Coup

CNN reports claim that renegade soldiers in Mali declared Thursday that they have seized power in the West African nation and dissolved public institutions because of the government’s handling of the rebellion. Their reason is because of the government’s “inability” to tackle terrorism and put down a Tuareg-led insurrection in the north.

The group of mutineers call themselves the National Committee for the Establishment of Democracy.Before the military’s announcement, a message on the president’s official government Twitter feed denied reports of an attempted coup.

Soldiers are also reported to have looted Mali’s presidential palace hours after they declared the coup.President Amadou Toumani Toure’s whereabouts are unknown.

The African Union, the European Union, the Organisation of Islamic Cooperation and individual countries in Africa and elsewhere deplored Toure’s ousting five weeks ahead of planned elections.

After  time period in which it looked as if coups were getting consigned to Africa’s dark past, they creep up again.

We will keep you posted on developments.

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