Malaika Mushandu At Top Model Of The World 2012: Second Or Fourth

So this weekend Malaika Mushandu who is the reigning Miss Zimbabwe took part in a competition in Germany called Top Model Of The World. This is a competition that very few care about and we only took notice of it because our own girl was there.

Then yesterday we woke up to the news that she had come runner-up in the competition. Unlike other more serious competitions this one was shrouded in mystery so we took to our friends, Google to give us more information. Shock-horror and we found that every site that posted anything on our dear Malaika placed her at fourth.

So we were confused. We scoured the net for anyone else besides our beauty who could tell us that she was indeed second and we couldn’t. So we ran a piece saying that she had come fourth in the whole competition. We didn’t believe she was lying but it was hard to back her on this one given that the Wikipedia page and various other sources for the competition’s results had her at fourth.

Then just for the fun of it we went back to the Wikipedia page this morning to have a look at the whole thing didn’t we? As some of you may know, Wikipedia is  the wisdom – or lack of it – of the whole world put together. Today Malaika was indeed runner up.

So we started wondering. What’s going on? What position did the poor girl come? And to be fair, do we care?

So what we have decided is this. She was in the top 5. And for us, that is good enough.

  • Nomsa P

    Congrats Malaika you have made us proud keep it up girl
    thats great ,awesome
    people should not look down up zimbabweans
    i am so happy

    Nomsa P