Has Makosi Joined ZANU-Pf?

Former Big Brother UK star Makosi Musambasi may have joined President Robert Mugabe’s ZANU-Pf or at least backs the old man if one of her pictures on twitter is to go by.

In a post from 27 January 2013 she tweeted ‘ There is no such thing as sitting on the fence!’ and then attached the picture below.

Could this be Makosi making a political statement?

Could this be Makosi making a political statement?

Click  here if you can’t see the pic on your browser

The somewhat controversial star who once fought deportation from the UK because she feared being arrested on return seems to have come round on this issue.

However she might want to change that Twitter avi which shows her smiling away in an outfit which shows the union jack.

Makosi Twitter Avi

Makosi Twitter Avi

We have no issue with the pic cause it ranks high on the scale that makes the heart race a bit. It’s just that if she has indeed joined musangano  then she might want to look the part a bit more.

We all know how they feel about the British.

If she has made a definite statement, whether anyone agrees with her or not, then it is kudos to her. Too many people in Zimbabwe ‘sit on the fence’. Or lie…

  • Samson_haana_mhosva

    I hope she can do some kongonya dance at the rallies coz vakuru vemusangano havaregi kutarisa kumashure…

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