Makosi ‘Deported’ From The UK

Socialite Makosi Musambasi has been deported from the UK after she allegedly tried to enter the UK using a friend’s passport.

She was caught after one of the UK Border Agency officials recognised who she was. She was deported back to Nigeria. Around £12,000 in cash was confiscated from her. The UK Border Agency said the money is being investigated.

Makosi’s claim to fame is her 2 stints in the UK’s Big Brother reality TV show.  Makosi then claimed asylum in the UK and was granted after a court battle. She is entitled to a UK travel document which would allow her to travel to any country other than Zimbabwe.

She is currently living with a partner in Lagos.

This girl is just drama. In this instance if she has those papers then why is she doing this? She really can’t be that daft, could she?

Source: The Sun

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