Of Makandiwa’s Gold Appearing In Mt Darwin

So it would seem the ‘prophecy’ by Zimbabwean religious leader Emmanuel Makandiwa that gold would be come out of the ground is coming true in Mount Darwin.

Makandiwa made the prediction as one of the things that would happen this year. Now, Makandiwa’s spokesperson, Kufakunesu has claimed this to be true in a service on Tuesday.

This apparently happened in a village on the back of beyond somewhere, where the electricity levy is giving those folks some power. The Ministry of Mines doesn’t discount this is as a possibility even saying that Harare is sitting on loads of gold. Could that be the reason why we want to create a new capital city? We digressing here.

Anyway, according to the ministry, the government one, alluvial gold being picked up is not out of the ordinary. This sort of thing is not uncommon. They are even sending geologists as we speak so that we can have a go at that gold, maybe kick the villagers off  even.

Could Makandiwa’s prophecy be coming true or did he just take advantage of something that is already happening?

Cue, them bashers… Come now, let’s get it over and done with.

Wonder Hosiah Chipanga would say about this