Of Makandiwa Suing Daily News For $2 Million

So UNITED Family International Church founder and leader Emmanuel Makandiwa is taking the Daily News to court and wats $2 million in damages over an article they wrote.

In the article, Makandiwa says they implied that he was connected to the Anglican church saga, especially after they put up a banner on their site with the label Anglican saga sucks in Makandiwa even though the story has no mention of Makandiwa at all.

They then retracted it later but Makandiwa feels that the apology was not sufficient. In essence they didn’t grovel enough. OK maybe not grovel but you get our point. Makandiwa says that the use of his name was meant to bait people into buying that issue of the publication.

Well, look, if someone says something that is untrue about you, then you have to take them to task over it. Maybe a conversation with them, perhaps even have a cup of tea – we love tea in Zimbabwe.

If that conversation does not end well then you ask the courts to sort it out. But to ask for $2 million is a bit excessive don’t you think? Maybe the good ‘prophet’ thinks that this will be a nice sum to add to his wallet – bursting at its seams by the way – change because of the bucket-loads he has but in this economy that is an incredible amount of money to ask for.

But with the gospel of prosperity being the in-thing maybe we just see the world differently.

Maybe we will get sued to for implying that the good prophet is in it for the money. Who knows?

So much suing these days.

  • Hindsight is 20-20

    Since he has God’s ear, I wonder if he’s asked God if he’s going to win, and therefore, whether its worth pursuing the case. It would seem a bit stupid if the outcome is known to be unfavourable.
    Would this be a test of his “prophetability”?

  • MaiGamu

    People deserve to be sued if they make unsubstantiated allegations regardless of who the concerned part is. Please dont miss the point its not about $$$s but the principle behind&let this be a lesson to all journos verify before you publish. Way to go Papa. Proudly UFIC Daughter of Prophet Papa Makandiwa

    • Baba Gamu

      Matongere aMwari nenyika zvakasiyana hanzvadzi. Nyika itori rough mira uone zvako. Kuti wa-suwa hakuziko kuti watohwinha.

  • Angella Makowe

    So he suspends brother for divorce but he wont ”forgive and forget” a transgression….

  • anty12

    man of god just do like tb joshua,people says a lot of lies about him but he always say i have forgiven you,dai aiva suwa ayiita mari yakawandisa.Just forgive as Jesus always did vamwe vachimuti mwana wehure but aive nemasimba ekuti munhu afe but aingoenderea mberi achiita hake basa rababa vake.