On Makandiwa and ‘Spiritual Airtime’

Self-proclaimed prophet Emmanuel Makandiwa has a big church. It is called the United Families International church.

He makes a lot of money and he has a lot of followers. Now he has airtime credit to his followers if they want to get in touch with him.

Now I am not much of a religious man but it does come across as a bit potty doesnt it? I mean how does it work? And for a whole lot of desperate people it feels a bit like milking the flock doesn’t it?

With a predominantly pink colour and a yellow flair at the bottom of the card, the spiritual link cards are going for US$3 for communication within the country’s borders only. But to communicate with Prophet Makandiwa when he is out of the country, one has to fork out double, US$6 for a different card.

On the front of the link cards is written: “This recharge card subscribes you to receive devotional messages for six days from the Man of God, Prophet Emmanuel Makandiwa.”

To be honest I am a bit offended at this whole fleecing of the masses. He has already got the whole lot of his followers giving him all sorts of gifts but then asking them to give more for a ‘priviledge’ of questionable value is a bit of an ask.

Maybe I am just not religious enough… Or blind enough

Source: The Mail (Zimbabwe)

  • Anonymous

    Im my understanding of the Christian religion we ought to follow the paths that Jesus set. Didnt jesus ride on a donkey and own one garmet for tclothing? Put that in the 21 century this man is a King in the old times were kings rod on chariots and had everything gold.

    Let me say this idiot is some crap!!!

    • Anonymous

      It seems the insistence is to do the things that Christ didn’t do

  • Anonymous

    It is robbery this…

  • Anonymous

    It is robbery this…

  • Taanach11

    you just blind..

    • Anonymous

      That is very helpful 😉

  • Prigoto

    ko iwe wadzinani utenge card racho pane arikumanikidzwa here

    • Anonymous

      Amaihwe zvamuri zvitunha zvevanhu. Saka ndiye God wenyu nekuti ave ku healer. Heheheeee hamuna kuudzwa ne bhaibheri chairo kuti muma zuva ekupedzisira kuchava _____________ mu verenge ma gwaro Prigoto

  • Titus

    Three men on a boat you need deliverance. U clearly state that you are not a religious. Saka chii chakurwadza? How is the Man of God affecting you? Has he taken your money? Why not comment on the pple that are being robbed daily by going kun’anga? why not comment on the day light robbery of those who sell alcohol etc, substances that harm the body. This Great an of God has brought Unity to the body of Christ. He has brought healing to so many souls. I wonder, can you really say this in front of someone that has received thier healing. May God save you from your stupidity.

    • Anonymous

      It goes against principles of decency and even Christianity. Who calls themselves a Man of God anyway?
      Think of it all as a fair-minded person and not someone who has obviously been persuaded by the disreputable wine that he serves

  • Dnkani21

    u jst blind mate may the almighty open up ur eyes

    • Anonymous

      Let me guess, it is faith thing… And reality is suspended much like watching transformers or star wars and convincing oneself that it is true?

  • Ngoni

    Iwe Titus ukabhinya mwana wako iwe mapurisa anokusunga, zvekuti heee siyai Makandiwa nekuti ari kubira vanhu vemuchechi yake is really a stupid excuse sir, I’m sorry to say this but I crime is not measured on the basis of who it was committed to/against, mbavha imbavha zvekuti heee yakubira here heeee yabira mai vayo siya yakadaro haaa thats simply unacceptable. This man is doing a lot of fishy stuff around, I’m not advocating for anything evil to happen to him, but well ppl should jus open their eyes, ungafira yekutevera the wrong preacher, mhuri dzaana Datan naana Korah dzakamedziwa nepasi zvese nevaitevera varume ava.

  • Phanuel

    Are you saying The man Makandiwa heals or that God heals these people. The delusion is that the people are being led to believe in Makandiwa not Christ. I quote from His sermon “Ndinokupa simba rekuti uchipinda mumba mako, mweya yakaipa inobuda nepawindow”. Who gives the power here.