Makandiwa ‘Spiritual Airtime’ Revisted

We thought we should revist the story we wrote on one Emmanuel Makandiwa, to clarify a few points. Firstly we feel that no one ever has a monopoly over God and as such everyone is entitled to make whatever claims they so wish when it comes to God including the the self-proclaimed prophet himself .Secondly one does not have to claim to be religious let alone fit some social catergorization such as christian or any other such social labelling for them to be able to see right from wrong.

The problem  we in the boat have with most of these preachers  that are out there today, is that they too are caught up in a material world which compels them to want and desire material things and money. That in itself is ok because such is the nature of humanity and we accept that.

However what we have a problem with is when we see someone behaving in a way that seems to suggest that they are persuing personal desires in the name of God.That to us  seems somewhat of a contradiction because the nature of religious relationships is such that on one hand there is the Principle party in this case the good prophet and the minor party his followers  such a relationship is predicted on one party i.e the prophet claiming that he has devine insight -a claim made on subjective opinion rather than any objectivity what-so-ever and on the otherhand his followers accepting his claim which again is ok because each to his own.

But when the one in authority seems to be taking advantage of the minor party  for his own benefit then this relationship becomes abussive because one party in this case the good prophet has betrayed the trust shared between them whether or not the minor party his followers sees it as abuse or not. Infact in most abussive relationships those being abused dont see it as abuse..yet it does not change the fact that it is abuse.

Most people in Zimbabwe are poor and have had a very difficult time as far as their material existence goes they are indeed very vunerable …seeking answers to the social strife that confronts them on a daily basis, it is in our opinion that such people dont need one more person offering solutions yet taking from the little they have. Someone once said bad things happen because good people dont do anything, now we not claiming to be good but to stand by and not comment on something we feel is so blatant its repulsive would be a travesty to justice.

To the good prophet we say Zimbabwe is a free market economy where you are allowed to open a stall and sell your wares anyway you like in accordance to the laws of the land just leave God out of it.

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