Makandiwa: I Will Not Register

Flamboyant Zimbabwean church leader ‘Prophet’ Emmanuel Makandiwa has defied an order to register with the Zimbabwe Traditional Medical Council.

The United Family International Church leader says he does not recognise himself as a raditional medical practitioner nor a spirit medium. Makandiwa says he is an ordained minister of religion who relies on the Bible.

He says the section of the law which applies to traditional medicine men did not apply to him.

Last month the Council had said that Makandiwa along with Spirit Embassy’s ‘Prophet’ Uebert Angel Mudzanire faced arrest if they did not register on the grounds that if they claimed to have healing powers that fell under the jurisdiction of the council.

It seems as if Makandiwa disagrees with the Council. We wonder how this one will play out.

  • mwana wemhepo

    please do not waste your time with the anointed man of god. there is freedom of worship for every one in zimbabwe tisiyei tinamate whatever it is we believe in what have you to lose anyway?