Makandiwa Promises A Death On Friday Morning

Emmanuel Makandiwa has jumped onto the TB Joshua bandwagon in ‘foretelling’  death and has promised his followers a casualty come Friday morning.

NewsDay quotes him as  ‘prophesying’:

Judgement Night has already created its atmosphere and our enemies are ready to die. We can’t reverse it, unless they repent before the night. They are dying. Somebody has to die on that Friday morning so that you will be set free. Some people may blame the church, but God is ready to make changes. Are to be blamed? An Angel of death shal be released.

Unlike the TB Joshua however, Makandiwa was more specific as he said that this would cause unrest in Zimbabwe. He added that he could not say more but that he foresaw dark times for Zimbabwe.

He has also said that all the church’s enemies will perish come Judgement Night if they do not repent which he plans to hold at the giant National Sports Stadium in Harare. 100,000 of his UFIC followers are expected to turn up.

What do you think of this ‘prophecy’?

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