Makandiwa Misquoted On Death Statements?

From one of our Twitter sources it seems as if Emmanuel Makandiwa has come out to clarify comments that have gripped Harare concerning his death predication.

Nqaba Matshazi, a journo with Alpha Media Holdings posted this on his twitter

Prophet said “on your Friday your enemy will die” that enemy can be sickness, poverty etc not necessarily a person. Prophet says professionals from J, N and D will spearhead attacks against him. N & D are nurses and doctors because he will heal people. Prophet says ‘J’ stands for journalists who are quick to spread conspiracies, they will be angry with the prophet after Judgement Day.

To be honest we think that this is spin-doctoring and he is just trying to manage a situation that got out of control. Call us skeptical but we believe he uttered those words which he has been quoted as having said.

Look, let’s face it. In as far as keeping him in the news cycle sensational comments like that do the job. You can always say you were misquoted later but for the time that they are up in the air, then they are seen as valid. They get people talking and they market your event very well. On the off chance that 60% of those who read the first message don’t get the correction then you know that a good lot of then are going to end up coming.

It might be that, or maybe he was misquoted.

What do you think?

  • Mr_popular

    i have to agree he knew that he was marketing his event by causing a stir in the media…but kuda kuita seN`anga… Aiwa ka!

  • youknowitstrue

    Matt 10 v 36. Perhaps the prophet realised he was about to anhilate most of his relatives and those in his church he condiders family…

  • observer

    “touch not my anointed, do my prophets no harm”

  • kunta

    Thes pastors [rohets busy predicting death of leaders why not pray for them. His statement was just a stunt to get the coverage and he did filled up the stadium with almost 100,000 people he must be careful cause has become an opinion ;eader in zim