About That Makandiwa Miracle Weight Loss Programme [VIDEO INSIDE]

Zimbabwean preacher Emmanuel Makandiwa has added another skill to his burgeoning repertoire. Instant weight loss.

Makandiwa can cause people to lose weight within an instant. In a video released on Youtube we see the controversial ‘man of God’ performs a ‘miracle’ in front of a packed City Sports Centre in which he reduces a woman’s weight by 30kg.

It all starts with a declaration, a command for ‘fat to burn’, and bodies to ‘shrink’.

The highlight begins at the seven minute mark where Makandiwa in conversation with a woman, Margaret Scubu, finds out she is about 110kg. Then in classic showman style he utters the words, ‘In Jesus name.. Touch!’. The woman falls on the ground and gets up 30 seconds later, jumps onto stage and is weighed. What do you know? She’s lost 30kg, which is certified by a scale, loose skirt and all.

The crowd goes wild!

Then other people in loose skirts start appearing on the video, making declarations and what-not. It’s a show that many artists would dream of.

There are people who truly believe this sort of thing. The look on people’s faces is genuine, pure and, well, the look of someone who has just been had but doesn’t know it. Even if they are told they have been had they would still say they haven’t.

Yes, we are doubting thomases here. We have faith in a lot of things but this sort of thing makes us feel like we are living in a Harry Potter world.

There are those who believe. Better them than us.

The Reserve Bank Governor co-signs it though…

Check out the video below

If you want to view it from Youtube, click here

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