Makandiwa Converts Bulawayo Factory Into Church

Self-proclaimed prophet Emmanuel Makandiwa is converting Textile Mills premises  located on Josiah Chinamano Road in the Belmont industrial zone of Bulawayo into a church.

At the moment, his services are held at the City Hall where an entry fee of $5 is charged when he comes to preach. Yes, you pay to get into church.

Textile Mills is currently struggling and is said to have applied for the government Distressed and Marginalized Areas Fund (DIMAF).

I guess Makandiwa is getting proper-paid. And the flock are enjoying being fleeced.

  • Daddyku

    If this is true .. Shame on who ever is behind the charging of entry fee into a church .. GOD HAVE MERCY !

  • Nerudo


    The flock are enjoyed being fleeced!!!

  • kunta

    wow well at least he is showing what his church is a factory for making money and the factory is not being converted to him its still a factory with no serious fixed overheads , tax liabilities and unions to deal with just tons of money. Ngaite mari zvake why just ma najimbo pastors

  • Victorasprilla

    mhata dzevanhu why should pple pay to get in church mwari gaavatore

  • freeman elijah

    Mwari anoziva hake , komaitwa nani vatongi