Makandiwa Says 17 Major Events Will Happen In 2013

Charismatic Zimbabwean religious leader Emmanuel Makandiwa has predicted 17 major events next year, some of them political in what he calls a ‘destiny-changing’ 2013 for Zimbabwe.

The United Family International Church founder called on ‘God-fearing’ politicians to re-align themselves so as to benefit from this shift.

Without saying what those events would be he ‘predicted’ the ‘coming of the lord’. As usual he asked his followers to pray for the nation. He however plans to reveal all these things at what will obviously will now be a blockbuster evening at the all-night prayer meeting on New Year’s Eve.

His mentor, Ghanaian ‘Prophet’ Victor Kusi Boateng pretty much said the same thing and went one step further saying God was raising politicians who feared Him right now.

We are sure there will be major events of some sort next year, as there are major events every year. One thing for sure is that an election will change a lot whoever wins.

But then again, even if nothing happens, it will be packed at Makandiwa’s today.

  • Mr_popular

    Guess lots of people will ride this train, well let him predict what he predicts, life will go on weather the cows start talking or not, 2013 he we come! Have a nice one everyone on the boat, and let’s meet in 2013 alive, stronger and better at whatever we all do

    • Many people probably attended the service

      • Without a doubt! So much for a prophet who just says 17 things will happen and thats it. #Charlatan

  • tammy

    There is nothing new here.If you read your Bible, you will find that the apostles of Jesus were arrested and the persecution of the church was rife.(Read the book of Acts) If they are healing people,in the name of Jesus, then it is not them doing the healing but Jesus himself.It stands to reason then that Jesus needs to be registered as a healer but who can contain and confine him ? He is the creator of everything and the master of all.

  • Dr. Jay

    what were these events?